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How I started worming

We're a volunteer group of mostly prison leavers who've been growing food on disused land to donate to food banks. We've got access to a lot of food waste and are exploring vermiculture to create fertilizer to use and donate to community garden groups. We're also reaching out to prisons to encourage them to offer vermiculture job training for prisoners to use upon release.


We're working to create a self-sufficient social enterprise that provides worm castings to sell while offering employment to socially excluded people, including prison leavers, homeless and those with difficult personal histories.

We're looking to recycle not only food and garden waste, but people's lives, into something positive for the community and the environment.‌‌‌

Prison Bed Worm Bin

‌I Wish I Knew Earlier

Bokashi doesn't really work outdoors during the winter months.

My Worm People Wish

We're trying to change attitudes. Not only to turn some of the negative attitudes some in the community have towards people with difficult personal histories, but also change the attitudes of those involved.

Creating a sense of achievement, of learning new things, of working towards a common goal for the good of the community, the planet and themselves while supporting each other is as beneficial to the community as donating worm castings and food. We really want to make this an inclusive team effort, with zero hierarchy, that welcomes everyone no matter what their experience, limitations or personal history.

Everyone has something to share towards a common goal of helping others.

Making the continuous flow bin (CFT) from a discarded prison bed