How do I make better compost faster? - Val Cozens

Worm People Stories


‌How I Started

It all started with one question. How do I make better compost faster? Earthy, nutrient rich, organic, slow release, soil building; this really does sound like the perfect compost for the garden. And it is. So where do you get it? Well, you make it. It’s not only the easiest compost to make but it uses ingredients you already have that you may never have thought could be turned into the best compost you could possibly have

My Worm Story

A few short years ago, I began a food garden. All I had was a historical green thumb and a vision of harvesting organic and nutritious food I had grown myself. So I built an enclosure to keep the wildlife out and I put together a number of garden beds and some ‘hot compost’ piles. My soil had already proven itself to be fairly poor but i knew these compost piles were many months away from being usable IF I was successful with the ‘hot’ part. If not, then my compost was even more months away from being usable. I was eager to get the plants started so I went hunting for a way to make compost faster and I stumbled on the concept of worm composting

To my absolute delight, not only would the worm compost be finished in 3 months but it would be better in multiple ways than any hot compost pile I could make. I leapt right in, soaked up as much information as I could about how to do this worm composting thing and bought my first bag of compost worms.

How long did it take me to fall in love with compost worms? Within about 6 weeks I was seeing a dramatic change taking place in the tub of compost that I had the worms in. That’s how long it took. So I bought more worms, made up more worm compost tubs, began seeing cocoons and baby worms, set up more tubs, cleared a big space and put shelves in to hold even more tubs, and all the while a whole new vision was growing in me

Through the desire to grow my own food, the need to improve my soil and my     willingness to follow my curiosity, I had learned how to make better compost faster and along the way a whole new venture – My Friend’s Compost - formed.


My Worm People Wish

I have a vision that wakes me at first light and calls me forward all day long. Imagine a world where home gardens and backyards everywhere have healthy living soils where food can grow abundantly, made possible with the simple process of worm composting

If you’re not already recycling your kitchen scraps, garden trimmings, cardboard boxes, old newspapers (and any other organic waste that you would otherwise put in the rubbish) through a worm compost and producing natures original and still the best soil builder and fertiliser, then I hope you’ll join me and the growing world of worm people who are doing just that. Healthy soil makes healthy food makes healthy people. And the humble little compost worm will always make better compost faster.