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When, Why, & How I started start worming‌

My name is Vee and I'm The Garden And Worm Lady. Born and raised in NJ right across the river from Manhattan I longed to have the country life. I worked as a dental assistant and that's where I met my husband Joe "He was our patient" :) When we married we moved to Texas after the World Trade Center went down, Joe worked on the 84th floor and was transferred out the year before. Our house was close so we moved to Texas. There I started a small garden for vegetables.

It was 2002, our youngest daughter would always put everything in her mouth and of course as her mom I was concerned so I needed something to fertilize my garden that was natural. I started doing research and saw a lady on YouTube that had huge barns full of worms. I couldn't believe how many she had and I wanted to try it. I not only liked the naturalness of it but also that the poop or worm castings had no odor.

My mom was visiting and offered me a Gucci purse for my birthday. I told her I wanted a worm factory and worms. She looked at me like I was crazy, so I had to sell the idea to her. That's when I got my first worm factory and 1lb of worms. The worms actually came from Conroe, TX and they were the biggest worms I had ever seen. They were eisenia fetida worms and were gorgeous. Through the years my worm life has expanded. Lot's of ups and downs. It's almost 21 years now and I wouldn't change a thing.

Personal Goals

My goals are to continue to grow my worm business so I can make a living from home. My passion has always been to spread the word about how amazing worms are. My goal is to continue to help people who reach out to me with questions. I'm always available. I've talked to people from all over the world. I have two YouTube channels: The Garden And Worm Lady and The Composting Worm Lady.

Biggest Lesson Learned

Some of the challenges I've encountered are not knowing what to do at first and losing some worms. I've learned to be patient and trust my instincts. Anything new I try, I try it on a small section first.

My Worm People Wish

I see worm farming reaching other countries and I hope the word continues to spread. Worms can do a much better job providing you fertilizer than any chemical.