Worm Beginnings in a Junk Freezer - Hollis Farm

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I started worming right before the winter of 2021. Starting out, I bought 600 worms and kept them in an old deep freezer that I pulled out of our junk pile at home. I had them in our shed with no heat or AC. Throughout the winter I struggled to keep the temperature of the dirt over 40 degrees. I actually believed that all of my worms died and so I stopped checking on them at that point.

During the next spring my plan was to empty out the freezer and throw it back into the junk pile. Much to my surprise, while I was scooping out the dirt, I realized that I had live worms in the bin! I moved them back into the shed and did everything I could to keep them alive. Since then my brother and I estimated that I have roughly 300,000 worms.

I have recently built Captain Matt's worm bin following his YouTube channel and have moved that bin into a temperature controlled garage.  My worms are thriving!

I started a worm farm because of the documentary, "The Biggest Little Farm." On this couple's path to success, this was the very first step they took.

I already have chickens, ducks, and Guinea fowl, but I hope to become self-sufficient at some point. My wife and I planted our first garden last spring and hope to expand on that next year using our worm compost to help us out.

God has also blessed us with twin boys this year!  This has made me even more motivated to become self-sufficient, not just for my wife and I, but now for my two beautiful boys.

Personal Goals

My brother and I just started an LLC and have created a website at hollisfarmllc.com. We are selling worms, vermicompost tea, and also merchandise to get us started. We also hope to expand on what we sell as we grow our farm over the next several years.

Biggest Lesson Learned

The biggest challenge so far has definitely been temperature control on my worm bin. This was something I learned the hard way this past year. Not only was it difficult keeping the bin warm during the winter but I also struggled keeping it cool during the summer. I would actually spend almost an hour each morning and night bringing ice out to the worm bin to help keep the temperature down.

Now that I have it in a temperature controlled area, taking care of my worms is much easier.

I Wish I Knew Earlier

I wish I knew to never just put a band-aid on something you are trying to fix. If you are going to spend the money or put the time in, then make sure you do it right the first time. This could be anything like planting your garden, putting up fencing, or building a worm bin!

My Worm People Wish

I hope people will come to realize how much we have been neglecting our world. Seeing your food scraps and cardboard and yard scraps turn into this super rich black dirt really makes you realize how bad our soil health really is. This is just a stepping stone to eating healthy. I have been an athlete all my life and have always tried eating as healthy as possible. Yet even in the last year, I am continuing to learn about how unhealthy the food we eat still is!

I truly believe that if we go back to eating healthy, like fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy, all natural foods, etc. this could be part of the cure for cancer.