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Worm People Stories


When, Why, & How I started start worming‌

I was looking at reducing my dependency on synthetic fertilizers for my garden. I
knew there had to be a more sustainable way of getting nourishment to my garden
without the negative effects of man-made fertilizers. So, as part of my efforts I
bought some worm castings from a local producer and started putting them on a
select number of plants to see what happened. I was overwhelmed with the

My tomatoes and peppers responded very well, putting on lots of fruit and
remained healthy long into the season. I used worm castings on my citrus,
mangos, ornamentals and everything else and got the same response. Soooo...I
bought a continuous flow box from the same company to start my own little farm.
I’m so glad I did.

Personal Goals

I want to get another bin so I can provide myself and my friends enough castings to support them through out the year. After that, who knows, maybe partner with
someone to put together a large-scale production site so we can take advantage
of this emerging market. There is a huge market for sustainable environmentally
friendly soil amendments. I would like to be part of that.

Biggest Lesson Learned

Moisture. My box went through several transitions before I found the right balance
of moisture and food. I experienced some die off at first because it was too dry.
Then I over fed them and got infested with fruit flies and other critters. But now I
have a nice balance of moisture and food. I feed them sprouted wheat grass and
pureed fruits and vegetables. This gives me a good balance of carbon to nitrogen
and lets me control the moisture much better. If I keep the top of the bin moist, not wet, I seem to have better results. I use a spray bottle, this gives me greater
control of just how much moisture I put in without over-watering.


I Wish I Knew Earlier

What do I wish I knew earlier? Everything. I wish I knew about vermiculture years
ago. I wish I had found Captain Matt and other YouTube wormers. But I know them now and that’s a good thing.

My Worm People Wish

Getting the bin has been a tremendous inspiration and meeting other people who
share the same passion for vermiculture has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve found
that we all seem to share the same ideas and reasons for worming. It’s been
wonderful meeting other wormers and sharing insights of worm ranching. I think
we are all at just the beginning of Worm Revolution to Sustainability.

I believe that vermiculture is part of the solutions to many environmental
challenges, specifically our dependence on synthetic fertilizers and sustainability. I
do believe that if every gardener had a worm bin and harvested their own castings
it would make a huge difference in our local lakes and rivers. Worm farming is
clean and sustainable, providing a renewable resource that is completely
environmentally friendly. It’s a no brainer.

I also believe that large scale industrial production is not out of the question and
could reduce or eliminate our dependence on chemical fertilizers. The whole world
is the market, from gardeners and farmers to golf courses, parks and
municipalities. Again, it’s an environmentally friendly and sustainable resource.

The challenges would be great, but the results could be life changing for everyone.
I feel very blessed to be part of this community. I am humbled by the passion I see
in other fellow wormers who want to help change the world. I tell them to be
patient and persistent. We can change the world one casting at a time.